Dealing with and preventing

Foot and ankle pain.

Often overlooked, your feet need looking after too; all of us rely on keeping our feet on the ground and free from pain.

Foot and ankle pain.
Foot and ankle pain.

Osteopathy can help relieve painful symptoms in your extremities. 

Plantar fasciitis (Policeman's foot) causing pain under the foot or in the heal and achilles tendonitis are some of the most common problems with feet.   Pain in the feet may be due to overuse, hypermobility, osteoarthritis, restrictive or unsupportive shoes or referred pain from the back.  I will assess what's causing the pain and use an array of different techniques when getting to the core of the problem.

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Keeping your ankles and feet in top shape is as essential, especially for those big occasions when you have to push your feet into not the best design of footwear.

Foot and ankle pain.


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